robotic process automation (RPA)

what we will do

we will use Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to help you replace costly manual tasks with automated bots that will accomplish the same tasks with greater efficiency and accuracy. RPA can mimic human actions automatically with a sequence of steps toward a meaningful activity, helping you optimize your workforce and reduce costs. The bot uses recorded movements like a macro to automate high volume and repetitive tasks.

your benefits

  • automatically process orders, quotes, invoices, refunds, payroll, bank reconciliation, procurement tasks, customer/employee onboarding and more
  • fetch documents from a database and extract data from PDFs or scanned documents
  • scrape the web for competitor’s prices and other online data as well as organize and display the data in a structured manner
  • automate data entry, updates, and validation and synchronize the data in your CRM, ERP, accounting and other systems
  • prepare daily P&L and other periodic reports, and distribute to relevant stakeholders

your benchmarking software options include:

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