data management + consolidation

what we will do

we will implement a data management and consolidation system and identify the different data channels your business has and how to analyze that data. Your marketing, finance and business data will be easier to understand, and your employees will be able to build custom reports and dashboards, combining the data results from various sources. We can even send your data from one source system to another destination system via data translation.

your benefits

  • utilize a consolidated data repository to build forms, create reports, set up workflows and automate processes
  • manage and organize customer data and automatically enrich customer information and contact details, such as mails, phone numbers, addresses, company info etc.
  • allow business employees to create applications without any coding or development
  • create reports/dashboards and combine data from various tools, such as: Salesforce, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, Mixpanel, Stripe, SAP, Excel etc.
  • synchronize and send data from one source system to another destination system

your benchmarking software options include:

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