customer retargeting + marketing funnels

what we will do

we will implement a variety of customer retargeting tools to improve your conversions and marketing efforts. Most customers don’t purchase after the first contact and need to be remarketed to multiple times over before they convert. We will enable you to retarget your customers online and better adjust your messaging to drive sales.

your benefits

  • retarget your website visitors with advertisements on social media and other 3rd party websites
  • retarget customers based on add-to-cart actions, percentage of videos watched or checkout page visited
  • advertise to website visitors with opt-in and special offer notifications and upsell with marketing funnels
  • track repeat website visitors and target them with offers and ads
  • market to customers who almost purchase one of your products online through an abandoned cart advertising or email campaign
  • collect leads directly within Facebook via forms and market with Facebook Messenger

your benchmarking software options include:

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