last pass instructions

step 1

go to the link and login with the username and password provided to you by us. please note this is a trial account and will expire in 30 days.

step 2

select “Add Item” in the bottom right hand corner.

step 3

select a type of password or credentials to add.

you may add details, such as passwords, payment cards and bank accounts. please note that passwords will be hidden, but credit card details will be visible by us once they are shared.

add the details and select “Save”.

step 4

to share the details, select the 2nd “share” icon 👥 on the bottom right of the item you want to share.

step 5

type in the bizahoy consultant’s email address as the recipient’s email address (ex. [email protected]).

step 6

if you would like to secure your details, you may change the email and password in your account by clicking “⚙ Account Settings” on the bottom left

change the email next to “Account Email” and select “Change Master Password” to change the password. click “Update”.

you will receive a code in your email. copy the code into the field and select “CONFIRM”.

retype the password and select “CONFIRM”.

if you need to change the language, please scroll down in the “Account Settings” to change and select “Update”.

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