Author: Nicholas Parenti

top 25 facebook ad strategies you aren’t using

most of you probably know a little bit about Facebook Ads and the main strategies marketers use to drive traffic to their websites and subsequently customer purchases. However, there are new and creative approaches coming out all the time that you may have not heard of before. i am going to discuss the top strategies

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top website trends and tools in 2019

Instagram marketing expert, Daria Pimkina from Insta mit Daria and Daria 1 Life, and I, the founder & CEO of bizahoy, discuss the top website trends and tools in 2019. You can listen or read the full transcript below to learn more about tools you should use to enhance your business online. Website trends with

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what is Google’s new portal for small businesses?

in this article, I will walk you through Google’s new Small Business portal and what is good and bad about this new offering. I will also touch on what tools Google did NOT include and why these missing tools are also crucial for the survival of any small business today. a few weeks ago Google

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what is the best website tool to use?

what is the best tool for building a website?

i’m going to be pretty upfront here. The answer is WordPress. As much as I want to go through teasing the conclusion, let’s be real. You don’t have the time for that! This article is really about why you should be using WordPress, and if you are using another tool why you should switch. i’m

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