our approach

we are focused on delivering fast and reliable business software implementations efficiently and affordably. we coordinate with you remotely during design and implementation phases, and we provide you with training material through our online training portal.



we will scope and assess your business problem and design the best solution to fulfill your business needs by selecting the ideal tool and tailoring it to your company’s model.



based on the requirements we will build and implement the solution, checking with you along the way to make sure we have covered your specifications.



we will train and support you and your team remotely during the transition with our online training portal that includes videos and lessons on how to use the tools.

project steps

step 1

project request

you make a request for a solution.

step 1

step 2

first meeting

we have our first meeting online via video chat to discuss your business needs and solution requirements.

step 2

step 3


we prepare the contract, which is signed and the first payment is made.

step 3

step 4

design + build

we design and build the solution, checking in periodically to refine the final product.

step 4

step 5

final meeting + implementation

we deliver the final solution and present the tools with a demo session, after which the final payment is made.

step 5

step 6


you receive complementary access to our online training portal.

step 6

let's start a project!

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